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Aladrian Mack

High school friends in the 50s, photographed in the 90s. From left to right: Nannette Harelson, Virgia Thomas, Aladrian Mack, Carol Smith Sims, Madelaine Wells, Nell Painter.  

Kenneth Mack

Ken and Lisa Mack  
Ken Mack and his wife Lisa at Nell's celebration dinner with her students when Nell received the Nancy Lyman Roelker Mentorshop award. Boston, January 2001. (Photo courtesy of Crystal Feimster)  
Kenneth Mack and Nell Painter  
Nell Painter with her student Kenneth Mack at the Tribute to John Hope Franklin in Boston, June 2000. Nell gave the keynote address saluting Dr. Franklin. (Photo courtesy of Kenneth Mack)  

Marlene MacLeish

1970-Nell and Peter sunning on the roof of Currier House...Nell, no doubt, trying to give this bearded scientist an historical perspective on the "Revolution"!  

William Massey

60th birthday in binary notation.  
Dona and Nell celebrating their new books at the PAAS picnic, May 31, 2002. T-shirts courtesy of Nellie McKay. Photo by Bill Massey.  

Nellie McKay

Some old friends of Nell's in her backyard in Princeton at the annual picnic for the Princeton African American Studies program: Thadious Davis, Leslie Sanders, Nellie McKay, and Marilyn Richardson. May 31, 2002.  
Nell and Nellie on the porch of Armageddon at Keywadin Lake in Maine in the early 90's.  

Nellie and Nell at Nellie's Ph.D. party. Fall 1977.  
Steve Nissenbaum, Mark Solomon, Nellie, and Nell at Nellie's Ph.D. party at the Langers. Fall 1977.  

Nell and Hosea Hudson.  

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